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other. now it's time for investigators to get a closer look. cnn national correspondent susan candiotti joins me on the phone. we just had a conversation with the chairman of the national transportation safety board. she said there was one representative who left d.c. last night, more are on their way there now. what can you add for us, susan? >> reporter: of course the key question as i'm sure she indicated, how did it happen? you have the two commuter trains carrying about 250 people in all, one heading to new york city, one the opposite direction. the northbound train derails plowing near the southbound train. it's unclear how fast the trains were going but as you could imagine passengers were terrified. >> all of a sudden we just hear boom, and then we saw like smoke everywhere. and i was just with my two kids hugging them, embracing them. >> people almost flew over the seat. i held on but i'm okay. there's people that's hurt though. >> we went to the front of the train, kicked out windows. >> it will take a while to investigate and determine what happened, how fast they were going
and susan candiotti is live for us at the scene. anything more on why the train at least one of the trains would derail and then crash into the other? >> fred, we have been watching investigators hard at work all afternoon getting on and off the train and walking the tracks and taking measurements and even climbing on top of some of the train cars. all trying to pinpoint exactly what caused these two trains to collide during the height of rush hour about 6:00 on friday night. it was a new york to new haven train that officials say derailed and then a train going in the opposite direction slammed into it. they're looking at a number of possibilities, the ntsb trying to figure out. >> the breaking performance, the condition of the wheels, the condition of the car. we'll be looking at the general condition of the track and the rail bed. >> now, these commuter trains according to authorities are relatively new, and that they say might have limited the damage but from the look of some of these still photographs taken inside some of the cars, that's unclear. >> and then, susan, we're talking abo
could be closed for weeks. there are a number of victims. our susan candiotti, national correspondent, live for us in bridge port this morning. susan, thank you for joining us. i know you rushed right up there. any word from investigators on what they'll be looking for and talking to in this? >> reporter: right, hard to say exactly at this point. certainly one of the things they'll be looking at is was there a problem with the tracks? they'll be talking with the engineers on both trains to find out whether there are any mechanical problems or any human failures. these are some of the key things they always look for in an accident like this. poppy, if you look over my should, you may be able to make out some bulldozers there. looks like some construction work. this is one of the trains that was part of the derailment. but those bulldozers and the like have nothing to do, we're told, with the accident itself. they were already there. there was some construction work going on here. but it is apparent that when this accident hit at the height of rush hour, a little after 6:00 on friday ni
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)